4akustik is a sound-absorbent system for use on walls and ceilings, comprising melamine-faced, lacquered or veneered MDF slats or squared panels. The slats structure is based on special, visible, longitudinal millings, directly associated with pattern of standard pitch holes at the back which are designed to expand sound waves. The coupling of the milling channel with each individual rear cavity constitutes a Helmholtz resonator. The rear surface of the strips is also covered with a special, sound-deadening film of black, non-woven fabric.

4akustik combines excellent sound-absorption performance with the highest health and safety standards. The panel, in its EC-certified version, is classed as “B-s1,d0” for its reaction to fire, also consistent with the highly exacting Japanese “F4 star” standard, with reference to its extremely low formaldehyde content, in line with JIS parameters.

Moreover, 4akustik contributes toward satisfying prerequisites and credits under LEED® and is also available in a version without reaction-to-fire certification, and with class E1 formaldehyde emissions.

A highly eco-compatible product therefore, suitable for use in public environments in which the customer seeks technical performance combined with sustainable solutions, without compromising on looks. Its attractive appearance, due also to the numerous decorative finishes available, adds indeed an extra visual dimension to acoustic comfort.
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