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Schneider Electric (SE) with a unique portfolio of connected products, edge controls and apps, analytics and services, is the global specialist in energy management and automation. SE develops innovative and connected technologies for safe, reliable, efficient, and sustainable solution in order to address specific needs of several final markets such as building, industry, infrastructures, data centers, utilities. 
SE dedicates resources for researching and developing innovative products, solution and services with a focus on sustainable and healthy spaces for the buildings of the future, with a focus on IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) and well-being for human centric design approach. Different actions are taking places for developing wellbeing solutions in building such as:
  • Raw and semi-finished materials made using synthesis processes which assist human beings and the environment along a virtuous and sustainable path (friendly chemistry);
  • Constant quest for the very best quality of materials in conformity with standards and without any negative impact on the environment and its resources (sustainability);
  • Recyclable raw materials and semi-finished products, designed for a life cycle which pollutes to an increasingly less extent (recyclability);
  • Patented materials able to reduce bacterial, microbial and fungal loads in the ducts of air-conditioning plants (sanitization);
  • Non-toxic patented mixes which in combustion conditions do not emit lethal substances into the air (no toxicity);
  • Solutions to improve performance and help reduce energy consumption (energy efficiency).

Schneider Electric's new EcoStruxure™ for Building generation is the Open Innovation Platform of Buildings - a collaborative Internet of (...)
LEED V4 BD+C IPp Integrative Project Planning and Design, LEED V4 BD+C IPc Integrative Process, LEED V4 BD+C LTc Green vehicles, LEED V4 BD+C WEp Building-Level Water Metering, LEED V4 BD+C WEc Water Metering, LEED V4 BD+C EAp Fundamental Commissioning and Verification, LEED V4 BD+C EAp Minimum Energy Performance, LEED V4 BD+C EAp Building-Level Energy Metering, LEED V4 BD+C EAc Enhanced Commissioning, LEED V4 BD+C EAc Optimize Energy Performance, LEED V4 BD+C EAc Advanced Energy Metering, LEED V4 BD+C EAc Renewable Energy, LEED V4 BD+C EAc Grid Harmonization, LEED V4 BD+C MRc Building Life-Cycle Impact Reduction, LEED V4 BD+C MRc Building Product Disclosure and Optimization - Material Ingredients, LEED V4 BD+C EQc Thermal Comfort, LEED V4 BD+C EQc Interior Lighting
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