ISOPAN have been manufacturing and marketing metal insulation panels for over 40 years and has been committed in improving the building sector by offering solutions that combine the functionality of the materials, the sustainability of the process, the safety of the dwellers, and the energy efficiency of the buildings, be them new buildings or restored buildings.

ISOPAN is part of MANNI GROUP, a historical industrial company based in Verona which has been operating in the steel industry for 70 years. With Manni Sipre it is a leader in pre-manufactured steel elements and structural components and systems for the building industry, whereas with Isopan it is one of the major manufacturers of metal insulating panels for walls and roofs in the main international markets. Manni Energy designs and manufactures turnkey photovoltaic, wind power and biogas systems. It also offers energy performance analysis, which is the main tool to learn and effectively reduce energy consumption at home or at workplace

The dimension of a leadership
  • 12 operating companies
  • 21 production, service and distribution centers in Italy and abroad
  • 400 thousand tons/year of processed and distributed steel
  • 13 million square meters/year of metal insulating panels produced and distributed in Italy and abroad
  • 1,000 employees
  • € 500 million annual revenue (2014)
  • 10,000 customers
  • 60 countries supplied in 4 continents

Manni Group  promotes innovation in the widest applications involving the working and use of steel.The company is committed to increase sustainable, safe and efficient constructions through a constant commitment to research and development of products, services and solutions for steel constructions, renovation of existing ones, reduction of consumption and emissions and increasing the use of renewable energy. Diversification and internationalization, applied research and innovation, guide Manni Group towards start-ups capable of combining technology to a vision of a sustainable future from an ethical, environmental and economic point of view. Source:
LEAF technology represents a step forward towards more sustainable buildings, thanks to the continuous effort of Isopan R & (...)
LEED V4 BD+C IPp Integrative Project Planning and Design, LEED V4 BD+C IPc Integrative Process, LEED V4 BD+C EAp Fundamental Commissioning and Verification, LEED V4 BD+C EAp Minimum Energy Performance, LEED V4 BD+C EAc Enhanced Commissioning, LEED V4 BD+C EAc Optimize Energy Performance, LEED V4 BD+C MRp Construction and Demolition Waste Management Planning, LEED V4 BD+C MRc Building Life-Cycle Impact Reduction, LEED V4 BD+C MRc Building Product Disclosure and Optimization - Environmental Product  Declarations, LEED V4 BD+C MRc Building Product Disclosure and Optimization - Sourcing of Raw Materials, LEED V4 BD+C MRc Building Product Disclosure and Optimization - Material Ingredients, LEED V4 BD+C MRc Construction and Demolition Waste Management, LEED V4 BD+C EQc Thermal Comfort, LEED V4 BD+C EQc Construction Indoor Air Quality Management Plan, Issues BREEAM MAN01: Project brief and design, Issues BREEAM MAN04: Commissioning and handover, Issues BREEAM HEA04: Thermal comfort, Issues BREEAM ENE01: Reduction of energy use and carbon emissions, Issues BREEAM ENE04: Low carbon design, Issues BREEAM MAT01: Life cycle impacts, Issues BREEAM MAT04: Insulation, Issues BREEAM MAT05: Designing for durability and resilience, Issues BREEAM MAT06: Material efficiency, Issues BREEAM WST01: Construction waste management, Issues BREEAM LE04: Enhancing site ecology, Issues BREEAM INN01: Innovation


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